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The Automotive Art of Danny L Whitfield / Official Site!
Buy a new Corvette automobile at Riverside Chevrolet,
Get a C7 Corvette or Camaro fine art print absolutely FREE!   
Riverside Chevrolet customers will get the following with the purchase of a Corvette or Camaro automobile,
High quality fine art print: The artwork is printed on heavy premium card stock. It is 100% acid free with vivid rich colors. The prints are
guaranteed not to fade with 25 years in direct sunlight and they will even last much longer. All artwork from Danny Whitfield is done on the
highest quality print media.
Certificate of Ownership: You can proudly display certificate with the fine art print. The certificate
features the Name of customer, Year & model Corvette and Vehicle Identification number.
The high quality prints are "tailor made" for the customer!
Exterior and interior colors of the cars will be the exact model in the showroom. If a customer orders various options that are stock from GM, Danny
will draw them in the print to match the car 100%. He offers a service where he can customize any print to look exactly like the customer’s car in the
The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All Images, Prints, Posters, Automotive Art, Canvas, Custom Renderings, Text, Graphics, Content, the
selection and arrangement thereof, Copyright  / TM 1992 for The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield under LICENSED in the United States. Any use of materials including
reproduction, modification, distribution, or republication without the prior written permission of The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield is strictly prohibited.
My man Danny came thru once again and made magic
happen for one of our lucky customers!

When Jim was here putting the order together for his dream
Corvette he was in love with the 8x10 I have on my desk
that Danny made for me and when I told him we would
provide one of his awesome new Vette he was stoked! He
was over the moon when he saw his car all framed and
looking majestic! Awesome work as always Danny, YOUR A
Rock sir!

Yes as always a happy customer is a satisfied customer! In
this case 3 customers, Riverside Chevrolet, Mike Correra and
most of all the customer who buys a Corvette or Camaro!
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Custom metal Licence plate: Plates can be use when displaying your Corvette at car shows and events.
Looks much cooler the your standard state plate!